Questions and Answers for the 2021 GDT for the Philippines

Q: Who can join this competition?

  • Individuals or teams consisting of 2-4 people

  • Apply in the target market applicants feel most familiar with, the team is limited to choose 1 market only.

  • If you are targeting a country other than the Philippines, at least one member must be native to the target market.

  • At least one member must acquire basic English capability.

Q: What Category or product can I choose to work on?

You may choose your own brand or a good consumer product to join the competition.

Or you may also choose from the pool of suppliers that we will provide during the competition.


Q: Which are the available target market?

  1. China

  2. Russia

  3. Columbia

  4. France

  5. Mongolia

  6. Singapore

  7. Kazakhstan

  8. Thailand

  9. Philippines

  10. United Kingdom

  11. United States of America

  12. Indonesia

  13. Malaysia

  14. Mexico

  15. South Korea

  16. Rwanda

  17. If you have a country that is not listed above, as long as you have one team member native to the target country, we can admit the project


Q: I am from the Philippines, and I have a supplier/Brand in mind, Can I choose to build a DTC brand for the Philippines and not cross-border?

YES! If you have found a brand and willing to support and allow you to participate, you may submit your proposal and target the Philippines market only


Q: Can I Propose to bring a brand from China to the Philippines?

YES! you may choose from the product you like, or select from the list of the suppliers that we will provide during the competition


Q: For Participating teams, What do I have to submit during the competition?

Participants should deliver

              Country Preilminary round : Market research and consumer insight report

              Country Final round : Brand Proposal (including social media data) and a 3-min video

              Global final: Business Proposal and a pitch​

Q: Is there training or webinar  to guide us through the competition?

We will conduct a free training session online with the following GDT Training Content

  • Elements of a market research

  • Consumer persona and journey

  • Brand positioning and narrative

  • Features of a DTC Brand (including business model canvas)

  • High impact pitching

Q: What are the final prizes?


In Global Final Round ​

First Prize : USD 20,000

Second Prize : USD 10,000

Third Prize : USD 5,000

in-addition to cash prizes

  • You maybe incubated by Alibaba GDT Network

  • Joint Venture with manufacturing partners  or Intrapreneur Team within the company

  • You might also receive investment from potential investors

Q: I have a product and proposal in mind, but it currently lack of necessary permits and certificate, Can I still make a proposal to join the competition?

We would discourage business “ideas” with deficiencies in permits and certificate. Because eventually this will fail in actual business operation


Q: Who is Royal Beijing? Is this an official Alibaba organized competition?

Yes, Royal Beijing Cultural and Language Center is the official organizer for Alibaba GDT 2021 Global Challenge for the Philippines region. You may refer to : https://www.aligdt.com/news/a551c5e2-e1ae-45a6-b64a-4118ef2e5953#/

Q: If I am the supplier/Manufacturer/Brand how do I participate in the event?

If your business complies with the following criteria:


  • Good manufacturing capabilities of consumer goods

  • B2C business with necessary qualifications and permits to sell in the target markets (can be foreign and domestic)

  • Willingness and determination of creating an online brand.

  • Willing to support: If the collaborating teams enter the global final, the company must allocate 3000 USD as the ads fund to support the finalist teams.

and you may reach us at royalbeijing.michael@gmail.com