Q : What are the requirements on the team?


A :  Team should consist of 3-5 members with at least one person who is capable of communicating in English, as our trainings and business presentations will be done in English. Your teammates can both your classmates in China and friends from home.



Q : What are the tasks?


A : You should start with identifying a problem caused by COVID-19, try to develop a digital solution for it and implement your idea. An example of a "digital solution" can be an online medical consultation platform for when it's not convenient for people to go to the hospital or a digital transformation plan for traditional wholesalers. Another example can be helping the local farmer to digitalize their business, and serve the quarantined areas. Please be aware that eventually, we will evaluate your project as a business and base the evaluation on many other things than your initial idea, for example, the number of users, revenues, social impact, and so on



Q : I don't have much experience with developing "digital solutions" or entrepreneurship. Can I still join?


A :  Absolutely yes! Once you're selected to continue with the competition, we will organize online trainings in the format of live-streaming sessions and reading and video recommendations for everyone. There will be 1-on-1 coaching sessions before the World Final as well. Meanwhile, our team members are always available to answer questions :)



Q : What is the format of this competition?

A : Due to the epidemic, registration, training, every round of the competition will be conducted online. However, there is a possibility of an offline awards ceremony, but it depends on how COVID-19 develops in the next few months.

Q : Do I need to belong to a school or institution before joining? 

A : Everybody is welcome to join, doesn't have to be part of an institution

Q : How many people in a team? Any suggestions on building a team?


A : 3-5 people in a team. One suggestion from us: once there is a project idea, think about the skillsets needed to make the idea happen, and then look for people with skills that the current person/team do not possess.


Q : Can team members be other nationality? Must it be a student studying in Philippines?


A : team can consist of different nationalities, but the leader of the team must be a Philippine's citizen

Q : Can I sign up if I am over 30 or below 18? How should I apply?


A : Yes. The age limit is to maintain the fairness of this competition, but if you are interested in and new to entrepreneurship, regardless of your age, you are welcome to apply.


With that being said, if you are an applicant outside of the 18-30 age range, please make sure you let us know in your team statement about your experience, why you want to participate, and what capabilities and resources make you a good candidate in this competition.


Q : Can a team consist of less than 3 or more than 5 members?


A : Theoretically, there is no defined answer to how many people are needed to start a business. Based on our previous experience, 3-5 members is the optimal size to start, but if you can justify in the team statement why your team needs less or more members, this requirement should not stop you from applying. 


However, again, we will like to remind every participant that our expectations from you are new business ventures, not school projects. Too many people in the payroll are likely to threaten the cash flow of a business (especially during the startup period), while working alone or in a 2-person team is vulnerable too, as the resources are limited.

Q : Other country is also hosting this competition. Should I go to other country to register or register in the Philippines?

A : We suggest you to register in Philippines. And please note that you are not allowed to register in both regions.

Q : Can one person participate in two projects?


A : We will not prohibit you from doing it, but we strongly recommend against you doing it. It will take a lot of work and efforts to create even one meaningful enterprise in 4 months. For both your desire to win the competition and our common goal to create a social impact, a good project is much preferable than two so-so projects that result from a lack of commitment.

Q : What can I do if my English is not good?


A : Until the national round, deliverables can be done in Tagalog/English. But if you make it to the global final, you should be presenting in English. Therefore, we suggest you make sure at least one member of the team can communicate in English.


Q : What if our idea is not for the world wide market? 


A : That is more than welcome! We will love to see you make contributions for the Philippines. And in fact, you might be more advantaged doing in that as you understand our market better!

Q : What if my teammates are not in Philippines now, can they still participate?

A : Yes. The competition will be conducted online.

Q : Is there a registration fee for this competition? Is there any other cost?

A : No. There is no fee related to the competition. However, you should be responsible for all expenses incurred from your own project development.

Q : What is the format of the business proposal? Ppt or word? How long will the final pitching be? In addition to submitting a ppt and do a pitching, what else needs to be done?


A : PPT. 10 minutes. The most important thing is to get the business running, instead of working on the project only for the sake of presentation.

Q : In order to apply, what are the requirements for project maturity? Can it be just an idea? What are the requirements for implementation results?

A : It only takes an idea to apply, but before the national round, the idea has to be implemented and the project has to become an operating business. Meanwhile, Alibaba GET Challenge 2020 is meant for young entrepreneurs and startups only. If you plan to participate with an existing business, please check the Official Rules for eligibility. 



Will the final prize be given in cash? What are the requirements for obtaining the prize?


A : Yes. The money will be wired to the team’s company account, so in order to claim the prize, you should have a registered company ready. We can provide some assistance in company registration.

Q : Does Alibaba own our business/IP?


A : No. We will own the right to use your image for our future promotion and student trainings, but everything else of your project will remain yours.

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